The key to SAVING TIME and HAVING THE PERFECT INTERACTIVE READ ALOUD LESSON! Be the first to know when doors open again!

The key to saving time and having the perfect interactive read aloud lesson

without the stress of searching for the perfect book.

A membership with engaging and easy-to-use

interactive read aloud lessons

Fill your teacher book bag with...

Targeted strategy lessons

Easy-to-follow and simple-to-prep lessons

Reading response activities

Purposeful reading and writing crafts seasonal surprises to enhance instruction!

"These read aloud lessons are absolutely perfect for first grade! Having the sticky notes to place in the book to remind students to turn and talk is so important! I love that vocabulary is included in each resource. These are the best time saving, well rounded IRL lessons I've found. Thank you for such an amazing resource!"

-Dawn, Elementary Teacher

Reach your readers and boost reading skills!

During my days in the kindergarten and first grade classroom, teaching reading was the most overwhelming part of my day early on. What a big thing to teach such little people!





I would spend many Friday nights on the floor of my favorite bargain bookstore searching through children’s books to find the perfect book to help teach a reading strategy or skill.

I have spent years reading books to both my classroom kids and my own kids at home. My teacher brain never turns off. I am constantly looking for a great read aloud to teach a reading skill or strategy that is also fun for the season, has a meaningful lesson, and most of all is enjoyable so that kids learn to LOVE reading!

I have shared read aloud lessons with thousands of teachers and helped them save time and have targeted reading instruction through many enjoyable books!

With your membership, you'll get...

6 Interactive Read Aloud Lessons

Lessons that teach a reading skill or strategy, a sticky note template with teacher prompts ready to go for the book

Vocabulary Lessons and Activities

Vocabulary cards, student vocabulary activity page, and vocabulary sticky notes with words and definitions for each lesson

Reading Response Activities

12 student reading response notebook activities to continue to support learning

Reading and Writing Crafts

Two reading and writing crafts to correlate with two of the books for the month for increasing student engagement, extra practice, or an informal assessment

Read alouds allow the teacher to model expert, fluent reading of the text. This liberates the students from having to do the work of decoding and allows them to focus on comprehension, acquisition of new vocabulary, phonemic awareness, etc." - Dr. Betsy Okello, 2021

“My students love listening to books, and I love the engaging comprehension that comes with this resource. Everything is so easy to follow and love how everything is included that you should need!”

-Meghan B., Kindergarten Teacher

The key to SAVING TIME and HAVING THE PERFECT INTERACTIVE READ ALOUD LESSON! Be the first to know when doors open again!

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